Playing Him Like a Piano – part 64

Jeremiah, a    ‘mas pision’   according to Lucy-Ann,  was always the easiest mark.

Mas pision was a kind of patwa for Mr. Suspicion.  This was a guy who’d stand by the cashier to double check a supermarket bill.

Until Jerry met Kat he trusted no one and nothing.  He doubted everyone and  everything.

Except  Kat.

Having   judged her to have a limited intellect, to be submissive and needing   him for everything, he would sooner  believe cigarettes were healthy   than Kat could deceive him.

Having   a Jamaican upbringing; being raised by his grandmother, he took  silence as agreement, the lack of argument as submission.  That Kat never argued, never got angry, always looked at him and never disputed, was  taken by him as absolute submission.

He  thought her family and friends were great people, and would say that they were his family, his friends.

If  one told him Kat was unfaithful, he would punch them in the face for insulting her, because he was her only man.

In  short, being a suspicious, cold man, he had offered himself on a  platter to someone as devious and manipulative as Kat.


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Written by jaylar

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