Playing Him Like a Piano – part 63

Damian was  interning at the hospital.  He had very long days so rarely came home to see his wife, Simone, or their son, Derek.

Kat spent a lot of time at work, at her mother’s, on her ‘girl’s night out’ and saw Dami whenever she could.

Less than one year and then, freedom!  In less than a calendar year Dami should get that job in some hospital far away.

Kat and Damian had made a Seven Year Plan but  Kat was beyond sick of Jeremiah.  She had gotten through nearly five years of him, over two  years of Alice. She could not bear to be in the same room as either.

She told her mother.

Lucy-Ann introduced her to a divorce lawyer.  Kat spoke with the lawyer, learned she needed to have grounds and evidence to back up her claims.

The lawyer was very helpful.

Kat and her mother left his office feeling relieved that soon she would be free of that repulsive toad she had married.

Of course, Jeremiah, the suspicious, enclosed husband who wore the pants knew nothing.  Not only about Kat’s continuous affair with Damian, but that his dumb submissive wife  was about to dump him.


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Written by jaylar

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