Playing Him Like a Piano – part 61

Kat’s  friends, aware of the situation between her and her husband, did their best to keep Jerry busy,  inviting him here and there, often claiming to need his help. This allowed Kat unscheduled delights with her beloved Dami.

Of course, Jerry was totally unaware of his wife’s affair.   He hadn’t known she was involved the day he met her, when he married her, nor now.

In three years of marriage, there had never been a single argument between Jerry and Kat.   He made his ‘decrees’ or offered his ‘ideas’ and she said nothing.

She said nothing but did what she pleased.

If Jerry questioned her, such as, “didn’t we agree to paint the bathroom blue?” after she’d painted it yellow, she’d look at him stupidly.

He was sure his wife wasn’t too bright, so would accept the discordance as his fault in not being clear enough.

Kat was always quiet, so he did most of the talking, virtually pulling words from her throat.

To limit their   ‘family time’  she would have her friends make ‘spontaneous’ visits. They’d who’d  stay until nearly eleven.  This allowed Kat to claim exhaustion, and fall into bed, avoiding sex with her husband.


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Written by jaylar

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