Playing him like a Piano – part 59

Kat had contempt for most men; save Damian.   It was a specific breed of contempt that was Jamaican.

It is the contempt passed mother to daughter; where the ‘baby father’ runs off with another woman, leaving the ‘baby mother’  to fend for herself and the child.

It is the contempt of knowing how to trick a man into paying bills, using her body as barter.

Women like Kat don’t consider men worth her breath so never argue.  During her years of making dupes she  never disagreed with a man, she did what she pleased.

Jerry, as the average Jamaican man, took silence for agreement.

When Jerry decided to stop drinking and ban alcohol from his house, she never said a single word.

There was no liquor in the house.

There were  a few large bottles of wine in the garage, bought and hidden by Kat.   Each day when she came home from work she would run the bath, take a large goblet kept as a flower holder into the kitchen wash it, carry it to the garage.

She’d fill the goblet,  go back to the bathroom, and lay in the tub, slowly drinking her wine.  When she had finished her wine she’d relax a bit, then emerge. She would brush her teeth, use strong mouth wash.

She’d rinse her goblet, carry it back into the bedroom, place the plastic flower into it, use cologne, then dress and emerge from the bedroom.

Jerry was certain that Kat didn’t drink.

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