Playing Him Like a Piano – part 58

In discussions with her mother, Kat considered having Jerry buy the house from his grandmother.  It was a good plan and had to be worked into the conversation so Jerry would think it was his idea.

As with everything, from painting a wall, to buying her a new car, Kat had the knack of making it seem to be Jerry’s idea.

It only took a week; a tossed away remark here, a mention there, and Jerry ‘came up’ with the idea of buying the house from his grandmother and getting his wife’s name on the title.

Kat thought that was a great idea.

Jerry set about getting it in play.  In less than two years of marriage,they owned the house; they, that is Kat and Jerry.

Kat considered she had just over two years to go before divorce and then she’d sell her half and use the money as her nest egg.

Damian  had worked like a demon to ensure he did well on all his exams and obtained his internship under a noted physician.  This should mean he would get a decent posting at a hospital far away.

Simone was very proud of him and his sacrifices.

Like  Kat, Damian knew how to say the right thing to have his wife think something was her idea or that she made a choice, when in truth, she had nothing to do with it.


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Written by jaylar

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