Playing Him Like a Piano – part 57

Since High School, Damian and Katherine had made a link.   They communicated in a code which ranged from ‘a meeting in conference room 15’ to ‘completing the file for Smith’, to ‘sorry, wrong number’.

For anyone over hearing the call, it sounded pious.  From the way the words were said, to the pauses.

Damien never called Kat, he would call a friend of hers who would relay the message.   Kat would text Damian from someone else’s phone at work.Text, then delete.

They’d send emails from business addresses; many sounding like unsolicited offers, the kind of thing one instantly sent to trash.

They were never seen together in public.   If they were going to meet at someone’s flat, it would have two different entrances.  They’d arrive at different times, leave at different times.

If they saw each other at some venue, they would not make eye contact. Sometime they’d sit with their backs to each other, and he’d take out his phone and speak as if it were to the person on the line.

It was second nature for them  as they had been doing since they  were fifteen.

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