Playing Him Like a Piano – part 55

For Kat, returning to work made life almost pleasant.

During the times Jerry was at work, there was a babysitter.  This allowed Kat to leave for work as soon as she was dressed and stay later.

Jeremiah,  who wanted to be a good father as a slap in the face to his own father,  went to work later and came home earlier to be with Alice.

He did no overtime.

Kat’s Monday to Friday was get up at six, play Mommy a few minutes, then bathe, eat, dressed and get out y 7:15 at the latest.

She often reach the hospital, have a morning delight with Dami, who often overnighted, then, a quick shower, and on to work, reaching between 9 and 9:30.   She’d leave work at 5:00 on occasion meet Dami, then get home by 6:30.

For his part, Dami would be home with Simone on enough occasions to block suspicions then do a few overnights at the hospital.

The relationship between Damian and Katherine flowered during this period. They had more time to be together, and having made it through the hardest parts of their marriage, felt the next years would be coasting.


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