Playing Him Like a Piano – part 53

Kat was discharged from the hospital and came home with the baby and a nurse.  Jerry had taken the week to bond with his family.

After two hours, Lucy-Ann arrived.   She played Grandma for ten minutes, then ‘forced’ Kat to get up, get dressed and go with her to the beauty salon.

Kat acted  decrepit as her mother took her through the door.  Once in the car, she  let out a deep troubled breath.

“I am Not going to survive this, Mom.”

“Yes you will!” Lucy-Ann said, then went into a pep talk.

Later ony Lucy-Ann told Kat that Dami’s wife had given birth to a boy she was naming Dereck.    Lucy-Ann had a photo on her phone.

“He is as ugly as Alice…”   Kat sneered.

Lucy-Ann understood Kat’s situation.   Although she hadn’t experienced the same kind of empty marriage/unwanted child event, she knew if she had done better in life, if she had money, Kat could have gone to University and been something.

Now,her only choice was hold strain, get her name on the title, get  a divorce, get her half of the house, then she’d be set.


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