Playing Him Like a Piano – part 51

Kat and Simone became pregnant at nearly the same time.  Kat was freed from sexual connection with Jerry from her fifth month.

Simone was having a hard pregnancy so sex was blessedly unrequired from Damian.

Kat considered her pregnancy sort of a test run for the children she would have with Damien.

She experienced morning sickness, strange desires, felt herself off balance a bit.

Lucy-Ann, Kat’s mother, told her about fitness classes to stay in shape and warned her not to breast feed.

“They’ll hang down to your waist…”  she warned.

“How do I tell…”  Kat was hating her husband so much she didn’t want to call his name.

“I’ll tell him…” Lucy-Ann replied.

Kat gave her mother a look.

Stepping into character, Lucy Ann confronts an imaginary Jerry.

“My daughter…” she began, pressing her lips together, seeming distressed, “…can not Breastfeed…she… she doesn’t want to tell you… and she asked her doctors not to… tell you…”  the tears welled up in Lucy-Ann’s eyes, “that she is not as…healthy…” at this point a tear tracks Lucy-Ann’s cheek,“…as you may think…”

Kat embraced her mother.   Never did she love or appreciate the abilities of Lucy-Ann as much as she did that moment.


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Written by jaylar

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