Playing Him Like a Piano – part 50

Damian’s wife wanted a baby.  He didn’t.  She made it a situation.  He had four years to go before he would finish his education and training and could not afford discordance.

He told Kat about it on Friday evening, when Jerry was having his ‘boy’s  night out’ with her friends.  Her  friends would report on his every move and ensure he was so drunk that he’d be no bother to her.

Kat felt bad for Dami, and for herself, because Jerry also wanted a child.

They decided that they’d have  a child with their spouses and then, on divorce day,  leave the unwanted child with the unwanted spouse.

“After all, these kids, having half their genes from… them… should be ugly and stupid…”  Dami tossed.

Kat laughed.

Having a baby would give Simone someone in her life, making more free time for Dami.  Kat could dump her baby on Jerry giving him more chores,and she less and cutting down on their ‘alone time’.

Having decided , Dami and Kat made love, then went home to their respective spouses.

Both claimed they were tired/not feeling well when they entered so as not to have to engage in unwanted relations with their unwanted spouses.


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Written by jaylar

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