Playing Him Like a Piano – part 47

Katherine Townsend Roberts was speaking with her father when her mother appeared.   Dad made polite sounds, then left them alone.

Kat and Lucy-Ann  discussed the situation, creating protocols.  Kat would have a permanent weekly visit at her mother’s house to cut down on the alone time she would have with Jeremiah.

They spoke about children. Kat wondered if she oughtn’t have one but would rather Dami be the father.

They discussed the pros and cons when Jeremiah’s Grandmother and Aunt entered.   Lucy-Ann made a big fuss, smiling and babbling.  Kat smiled warmly, letting her mother do the talking.   What Lucy-Ann was after was to ascertain how senile the Grandmother was, how close to the Aunt, so that strategy could be formulated.

Then Jerry came.  He greeted his bride clumsily, then turned to his Grandmother.  Most of the conversation was he and Grandma.  As Kat had always been ‘quiet’  there was nothing odd about her shyness.

After a few minutes of observation,   Lucy-Ann  pulled her daughter away on an invented errand so that they could continue their discussions in private.


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