Playing Him Like a Piano – part 44

Jeremiah  had not invited his father.   He had six invites, and couldn’t find six people to invite.  His mother, whom Kat had never seen was there with her husband.  Jeremiah’s beloved Grandmother was there with his Aunt.

And that was it.

Two of her friends made up his six.

As bad as that was, beyond his Grandmother, Jerry ignored ‘his’ people.

Kat, her mother, her ‘crew’ saw it all.

Although Kat’sr parents were divorced, Kat had invited her father.  Although her mother gave him a wide berth, Lucy-Ann had made it clear;

“Kat,  you invite your father, so you look like you come from somewhere.  Let him be the one with no family.   Let him be all by himself. In that way your friends and family can fill the gap.”

Kat had been pleased her mother hadn’t made it an either/or.  And pleased that she read the scene so perfectly.

Kat spent most time talking to her people, showing a warmth and closeness.   Jerry stood there like a big dummy.

He didn’t have the social skills to mingle.

His Grandmother sat there in a fog.   This was better than expected.   Kat would get her name on the title earlier than predicted.   Hopefully, by next year, or the year after, she’d be set for divorce.


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