Playing Him Like a Piano – part 42

Kat got a blessed vacation from Jeremiah from the moment she entered the Hotel and hid in her mother’s room.  Lucy-Ann was rather philsophical.

“In less than six years Damien will be free of his Massa.  You can put up with Jerry for five years.  Think of the sacrifice Dami has made for you… how many years has he been with that hideous disaster?  Ten? So…”

“Oh Mom, don’t make me feel even more guilty.”

“Kat, Jerry is an idiot.  He won’t be a problem.  Trust me.  You make sure you are home as rarely as you can be, surround yourself with friends, and those five years will fly by.”

“Yeah…”   Kat said sadly, thinking of Damien.

“Katie, you can play Jerry like a piano, it’s not that many men who are that stupid…that easy to deceive…” and Lucy-Ann gave her a look, sort of referring to her father, Gavin.

It wasn’t that Lucy-Ann married Gavin to play him, it was that he had his own views his own protocols, and they weren’t changing.  And Lucy could either bow or walk, so she walked.

“Anyway, let’s order room service, and have a nice bottle of wine.”  Lucy-Ann suggested.


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