Playing him like a Piano – part 24

Mas  Pishon(rhyming with suspicion) was a term she and her mother used for a man who was so suspicious of everyone and everything he was easily fooled.

Jerry  was that Mas Pishon.

As  she sat at the table with Jerry, Kat could see him hunting for a topic to introduce, so told him how nice the food was as he shoveled it into his mouth.

As  she had already had a lovely meal with her beloved Damian, she was  planning to say something about saving her portion for tomorrow but Jerry’s phone rang and he got up to talk in his room.

Kat   grabbed a container,  pushed her food inside, then put it way in the back of the large fridge. She returned to her seat, playing as if she hadn’t moved.

When  Jerry returned she pretended she had just put the last bite in her mouth.  She  thanked him, saying how thoughtful he was and he shyly  smiled.

She  took the plates, washed them,  wiped down the table, and he went to  watch television.  She didn’t join him but went to her room.

With a Mas Pishon absence works better than presence, silence  speaks loudly.



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Written by jaylar

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