Playing Him Like a Piano – part 14

Kat   entered the house of her ‘mark’, Jeremiah, and  looked around, moving  as if she’d just landed on the moon and was exploring.

“Oh,  it’s wonderful,” she smiled stupidly, “It is just what I’m  looking for…”  and then, “Oh, now you know how much I like it,  you’ll raise the rent!”

The last words were said sadly, childishly.

“If you knew me, you’d know I’m not that kind,” he said proudly.

She smiled again, a blinding smile, looking as if she were in love.

“How much did you expect to pay?”  he asked.

“Oh…well…I can afford um….I don’t know…I hope I can afford it….”

“A hundred dollars… a month?”  he said.

“A hundred…” she repeated, looking around.

“I’ll  take ninety…” he said.

“Oh  okay! Okay…should I sign a lease or is this a sub-tenant thing, and will you accept cash?”

“My Grandmother owns the house, she’s leaving it to me in her will.  I  don’t have a lease…I mean…y’know…I mean…”

She  let him yammer for a minute then;  “I’ll be back tomorrow with my  stuff and the rent…”

“What  time?”  he asks.

“What  time is convenient for you?” she asked wide eyed and submissive.

“Can  you come before nine?”

“Okay!  Sure!  I’ll be here!  Oh thanks so much…Thank you!”  She was  almost giddy with joy.

He walked her to the door.

“Hey  what’s your name?”  he asked.

“I’m Katherine Townsend.”

“I’m Jerry Roberts.” he replied.

“I’ll  be here by eight thirty!”  she said putting out her hand for a  shake, appearing as innocent as a child.

He watched her walk up the path to the sidewalk, turn, smilingly wave,  then walk south.  He watched her cross the street and turn West, until he couldn’t see her any more.


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Written by jaylar

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