Playing Him Like a Piano – 79

Damian, in triumph, raced to Lucy-Ann’s house.  They celebrated the great news.  For the first time, Dami and Kat spent their first true night together.In the morning, after saying a tearful good bye to Lucy-Ann, they went to the bank, Kat withdrew her money.Then Kat and Dami got into the car Jeremiah had bought for Kat and drove away.They married at a Registrar’s office.  Finally, at the age of twenty six, Kat and Dami could begin their real life.A life without having to play anyone, have sex with anyone, lie to anyone, a life where he could be Damian Holness and she could be Katherine Holness.It had taken eleven years, from their first moments at the age of fifteen, to this moment, when they were finally free and financially able to marry each other.Years of whoring, lying, stealing, tricking, playing roles, but it was worth it.


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