Playing Him Like a Piano – 62

When Alice was two years old she entered pre-school.  Every morning Jerry would get her ready and take her.

When he was gone, Kat would have her breakfast then go to work.

As play school closed at four, Jerry would have to pick up Alice and wait for Kat to come home.  This meant she could be no later than six.  Then he’d have to get back to work to make up the hours; this meant he wouldn’t be back until nearly nine.

Kat would play the mommy during the moments he was present, then put  Alice into the play pen.  Alice would cry herself to sleep.

On weekends, Jerry came home early and he and Kat would cook together.  Alice, removed from the baby prison needed constant supervision.

Kat would ignore the child, concentrating on her cooking.  This meant Jerry would have to monitor her.

Alice was a disturbed child who kept Jerry occupied.

When the meal was complete, they would eat and Jerry would be exhausted. He had worked now had to monitor Alice.

Often, he’d fall asleep on the sofa.

This meant Kat had many Jerry free hours.

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