Pit Children – part 8

he marriage of Neville and Sandra had not lasted four years.  Sandra, believing she was doing the right thing had sense their sons, Paul and John to his mother, Olga.   She did this, thinking she was right.  Thinking she was doing the best for her children.

Paul and John went to their grandmother and gained a sense of power.   They could tell her anything and she believed them.

Neville and Sandra divorced.

He went on to marry Zel, and to avoid paying child support, to deny Sandra her children, he took them.

Paul and John hated Zel, hated her children, and hated their father, and set about making their lives as unhappy and confused as possible.

Zel quickly learned their nature and spent most time protecting her children from Paul and John.   Then Zel divorced Neville, demanded full custody of her children and got a restraining order  against Neville and his two sons.

Paul and John were toxic Zel did not want them around her children.

Zel did not see P & J not as ‘step sons’ but ‘pit sons’ who existed to destroy her marriage and her children.

It was a brutal divorce, and Zel got everything.


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Written by jaylar

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