Pit Children – part 6

Paul and John felt outsiders.  They were not particularly upset about this, nor  did they connect their behaviour to the response of others.   And was ‘normal’ for them they blamed others.  In this case, they blamed Zel’s children.

The cold evil they evidenced  caused Zel to be afraid of them, afraid for the safety of her children.

Neville was abusive, and so she had perfect grounds for divorce.

She called Olga when Neville was out, had her come for P & J.

When Neville came home, she knew he would be livid, which is why she had a bailiff serve him with documents.   She knew he would make a scene once the bailiff was gone so had hired a large body guard to have Neville pack and leave the apartment.

The locks had been changed so once he was outside, he could not get back in.

Neville had no where to go, so when to his mother.   When he arrived, his sons hid, and his mother told him he could not stay there, so he went to his aunt.

Neville was sorry he had taken P& J from his mother in the first place.

He  had done it, not simply because they were his children, but to avoid paying child support and to exclude Sandra.  Neville felt he needed to keep them.   Even if it was just to turn them against their mother.

He was unaware that they hated him more than they hated Zel and their half siblings. More than they hated their mother.

He was unaware that during the years they had lived with him they sought ways to harm their siblings, expecting that at some point Neville would return them to their Grandmother.

As Neville was not particularly intuitive or any more capable than his sons of empathy, he missed all the signs.


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