Pit Children – part 24

After settling Julie at the house owned by Olga, Sandra, asked Paul to take her shopping.  The ticket was the only topic he could carry.

Sandra  marveled at Paul’s single mindedness.   As they walked on the plaza she abruptly, turned into a jewelry store.  Paul followed, barking about ‘ticket’.

Sandra looked at a few chains, asked Paul if he liked them, but he was talking about ticket.

She  realised  Paul had mental issues.   She gave him the money to pay the ticket.

Paul had not just talked himself out of a piece of jewelry, but betrayedthe core of his being.

Once  Paul got something in his mind, he was blind and deaf to everything  else.  He would cheat himself out of a chain he could have forever,  because all he could focus on was getting his mother to pay the traffic ticket.

Sandra appreciated that Paul had betrayed a side of himself he ought have kept hidden.

She realised that she would never have a relationship with him, nor his brother.   That she would always be the mother who abandoned them.

Had she been in prison, had she died, it wouldn’t matter.   His mind was locked into a specific groove.

She looked around, not expecting to ever see this city or that house again.  Nor her sons.


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Written by jaylar

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