Pit Children – part 22

During  the next year, Paul and John were not doing well.  They needed jobs and couldn’t hold any.  They bounced from one place to another.

The only reason they had a home was because their Grandmother owned it, and would send money to keep the lights on.

Sandra phoned P & J every other week. They tried to be nice, asked to speak to Julie, but as their mother called from work, it couldn’t happen.

It took them more than a year to be able to invite their mother and Julie to the house Grandma Olga owned.  They had chosen a time in June when school was in session. They wanted Sandra to arrive first,  then two weeks later, Julie.  They had tried to work it  so they’d get two free weeks with Julie.

Sandra was a bit more protective of her nearly sixteen year old daughter, so they’d only get one week, at best.

For some twisted reason they decided to make their mother uncomfortable, and guilty for  ‘abandoning’ them.

They would put her in a mood so that when Julie came she’d believe it was her mother who was the sour miserable one and her brothers who were angels.


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