Pit Children – part 20

Julie,  daughter of Sandra and Albert was an average girl of fourteen.  She was not familiar with deception, she  had not lived in a treacherous environment.   She was innocent and ignorant.

Being an only child she embraced her half brothers as the most wonderful people in the world.  Aware of her innocence, Paul and John knew how to capture her mind, how to tip her opinions.   As she had never met people like her half brothers before she was an easy mark.

As they had spent their lives manipulating people, getting their grandmother to like them better than her own children, turning the children of their father and his second wife against him, they knew the game.

A word, a shrug, a head shake, a few compliments, telling Julie how they loved her, worked miracles.  She believed everything they said.   She began to interpret her mother’s actions in a different light.

When Paul and John returned to their city, they felt successful.   They had planted seeds, they would reap the fruit.


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Written by jaylar

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