Pit Children – Part 15

When Paul got into trouble, his Grandmother, Olga, sent him to a far away city where she owned a house.  She thought with him gone,  his younger brother, John,  would become, at least, average.

This did not happen.

John became almost catatonic, for without Paul he was half himself. As soon as John was able, he joined Paul.

Although Olga had, in early years, wanted them, now she was happy to be rid of them.   Olga had chased their mother away, argued with their father, and had ‘won’… she got them.

She got two deceptive, dishonest, boys who no one liked.

In the new city, Paul and John,    verbally relished their freedom.  But they had always been free.  They had always done what they wanted, and had always exerted their will.

Being  suddenly disconnected from society,  they  had no one to manipulate.

They tried to contact their step siblings, the children of Zel and their father, but were thwarted.  The restraining order their ‘step’ mother Zel had gotten against their father, included  them.  Further,  their step siblings hated them,  could list reasons.

It was a shocking revelation.  Paul and John did not know that everyone hated them.

This became clear when they realised they couldn’t contact their father,  they had no phone number for their mother,  their uncle and aunt wouldn’t answer their calls.


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Written by jaylar

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