Pit Children – Explanation (Part 1)

Pit Children is a catch all name for step and half siblings who strive to turn a child against the shared parent.

For reasons best described by psycho-analysts,  the ‘Pit’ child (or children) takes pleasure out of destroying relationships.

In the aforementioned story, Paul and John, the sons of Neville and Sandra,  made it their life’s work to have their half-siblings hate the parent they had in common.

When Neville remarried, Paul and John focused their efforts on making the children of that relationship hate Neville.   When their mother Sandra remarried and bore a daughter, Julie, their life’s work was to turn her against Sandra.

Pit Children seethe in hatred and resentment towards their parents, especially when after a separation the parents go on to produce other children.

Regardless of their situation, whether living with a doting grandmother or one of their parents,  to prey on their half or step sibling so as to alienate them from one or both of their parents is the centre of their lives.

In the story, Paul and John focused on their half sister,  feeling victorious when she spoke ill of their mother, taking it as a victory when Julie ignored their mother’s birthday..

The behaviour of Paul and John is not unique.


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Written by jaylar