Pit Children – 45

It was not just the divorce between her brother John, and her once best friend, Donna, which proved she meant nothing to them.  It was that innocent announcement by her daughter.

Her daughter Nina, who had contact with John’s daughter Nancy; who happily announced that John’s girlfriend had the baby.

What girlfriend?  What Baby?

Julie  had believed for over ten years that she was important to her brothers.   That they saw her as their sister.

She had done everything to please them, yet they could drop her without qualm.

Julie went into her room to reflect.

She went back over the last time she had seen John and Donna before the divorce.

Neither had said  a single word to suggest their marriage was in  trouble.

How was it she never knew?   Why hadn’t they told her?

How was it that John could have had a girlfriend she never met?

How was it that her brother John, the person she shared her secrets with,  could impregnate a girl she never saw or met or heard of?

How could it be that he never called her?

How could John, her beloved John, treat her this way?


What do you think?

Written by jaylar