Pit Children – 3

Paul and John, leaving their parents and being enthroned by their grandmother, relished their new found power.

Their Grandmother, Olga, had two children living with her,  the ten year  old Roberta and six year old Bobbie, sister and brother of their father, Neville.   For some reason, Olga seemed to love them more.  And they exploited it.

P & J would claim their Uncle Bobbie hit them or Aunt Roberta took away their dessert, and Grandma Olga believed them. For some reason she assumed they were too young to lie.

That Olga would chose her grandchildren over her children, was  obvious.  Obvious to her children, obvious o her grandchildren.

P & J, so aware of their grandmother’s fascination with them, exploited it.

When their mother came to visit,   P & J, although only being with Olga for two years, behaved as if they didn’t know Sandra.  They were cold, disinterested, clinging to Olga.

It was painful for Sandra, who left with the belief that they were better off with Olga.

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