When People Don’t Like You

The biggest waste of time is to try to make people who don’t like you, change their minds.

Sure, you walk into a strange place, among strangers and put your best self forward, and people should like you. But if after you’ve done this, there are people who don’t like you… leave them.

Trying to get people to like you is pathetic. It fails. It never works. You may try to be so wonderful, and they may give you that false smile. But they don’t like you.

Some people catch it right away. Others, after the non-invitation. Still others need that bit of an insult to appreciate reality.

Once you know these people don’t like you, avoid them. If you are in the same class or belong to the same group or congregation, keep yourself to the side. Come and go at your own pace.

For example, some people arrive early and sit in their corner. Some arrive late and sit in theirs.   When the encounter is over, some move out quickly, some are the last to leave, but they know to keep themselves to themselves.

Don’t try.

If someone is in front of you, say good morning or whatever, and don’t make eye contact, and move away. If this is one of those buffet functions, take one small plate, go to the side, and when you are done, leave.

To try to talk to people, to befriend them only gives them more reason…

“Imagine I was talking to my friend when this one pushes up to speak to me…”

By staying off the radar, the people that don’t like you will forget you. That’s the best you can hope.


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