Why Some People Age Faster Than Others

Scientists can talk about diet, genetics, environment. These are factors.

The person who lives their lives stuffing their face with junk, whose big and fat and does nothing to reduce their weight and takes little exercise is obviously going to race into the appearance of old age much faster than the active vegan.

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The person whose family tree is stuffed with all sorts of defects and proclivities will age faster than the person who has ‘good genes’.

And where one lives; a polluted dirty city, or a rough environment will suffer more than the person who lives in fresh air and lots of greenery.

But there is another factor; attitude.

Take Jean. She is sixty eight years old. She looks twenty years younger and if you talk to her and don’t see here, you’ll assume she’s in her thirties. She faces life happy and treats every moment with the same sense of joy that one might bring to seeing their team win or stride onto a podium to receive an award.

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Take Sharon. She is fifty eight years old. She looks to be in her seventies. She’s sour and miserable and faces life as if it’s a walk up steps carrying a heavy burden. She is very rarely happy and complains about everything.


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