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Out With The Old….

I have had some time off work lately so I have attempted to do some decluttering  of my domestic environment.  According to all of the self-help gurus and Law of Attraction coaches, who I follow religiously, when you declutter and get rid of everything you don’t need from your life, it helps to free trapped energy and makes a space for new things to flow to you.  So the other day I chucked out some old papers and sentimental stuff like letters, postcards, etc (I recycled them actually, for maximum feeling of virtuousness!)

Then today  (oh, this one was quite a wrench) I removed a couple of old items of clothing from my wardrobe and took them to a charity shop: a skirt suit and a dress.  When I’m sorting through old stuff with a view to getting rid of it,, I can find the process a bit of a  mental tussle – not so much getting shot of old things I don’t use,  e.g. worn-out appliances, or decorative stuff  like ornaments, pictures, etc. But I do I find it very hard to part with useful, necessary things like clothes, as I always  wonder if I may need them again. I know that this is a direct result of so many years of extreme grinding poverty, barely being able to keep a roof over my head, struggling just to buy food. When you have been that poor for so long, it makes you extremely thrifty and reluctant to part with anything that you may still be able to use in some way. The clothes I donated to the shop today were still in good condition, but didn’t fit me properly any more, and I hadn’t worn them in years.  The suit was about 15 years old (originally an expensive one, costing £300 at the time, so I wanted to keep that as long as possible) and the dress was about 7 years old, so I guess it was high time for them to go! Since I can’t wear them any more, there is not much point in keeping them.  So I am now hoping that parting with those old garments will now help to create something new and positive in my life. Out with the old, in with the new…..


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Written by Maggie Bailey

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