Out of Destruction – part 9


This me liked different things, some opposite what the old me had liked.

In just a few days with Cord, I was Angel.   I was an amazing woman, calm, capable, strong and easy to be with.

We spent four days at the lake, then he asked me if there was any where I needed to be.

“Nope,  I’m where I’m supposed to be.”

Although my answer was warming, I could see he was trying to ascertain where I had been or lived, the life I had before the disaster.   And then, I could see him realise it wasn’t a question to ask.  There was no information he wanted nor needed.

If there was something, I would have told him.

That I didn’t tell him was taken as it should be, that there was nothing before this moment.

Cord said he was going to a particular city. I nodded.   He didn’t need to ask me if I wanted to go.  He told me as a by the way.

I am sure he knew that I was with him, wherever he was going.


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Written by jaylar

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