Out of Destruction – part 8

And  The Next Step

This  wasn’t Cord’s first major disaster.   He knew how to distance it, and  his actions taught me.   I realised that being away from civilization, on a boat, fishing, was a way to deal with tragedy.

I had run from my horrible life, run right into the major disaster,   something much larger than myself.   I had parked the ‘me’ and dealt with what was happening, let it fill me.

Now,  here, separated from everything, from everyone,  surrounded by water,  no sense of other people,  was healing.  That  just being here, was the spirit renewal required after a horrific episode.

Cord didn’t talk, nor did I.

I  used to chat a lot.  I used to have opinions, observations,verbalised feelings, but not again.  Now, I was quiet, reflective.  I listened.  I observed.   I became someone else.

As if just born,  that was me.  The pressure I had been under all my life, blew away.   I was truly born again.Thoughts of my past turned to ashes before they unfolded.  Under a perfect blue sky,  rocking on a beautiful lake,  I felt  Safe.

I let the feeling of safety fill me.   A feeling that was new and fresh and beautfiul.


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Written by jaylar

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