Out of Destruction – 4

On and On

There was a point, maybe ten hours later when I staggered and Cord caught me and we sat for a moment catching our breath.

We were absolutely filthy.

He called to someone, helped me up, we went to a tent.  I lay on a cot and was out.

Sometime later I felt arms and heard his voice, and opened my eyes and he was feeding me some liquid.

I realised I needed to use the bathroom, if there was one, and he helped me to a conveyance set up for our use.  He stood outside, calling to me, keeping me awake, then helped me back to the cot, where I went out for a few more hours.

When I awoke I was tired, dizzy. I wanted to lay on the cot forever. But I knew I had to get up. There was food, and I ate.  I forced myself to get a grip.

Acting as if I had been trained and deployed in disaster relief, I got to real. I went out, and back to work for a few hours, until relieved by another person.

Cord came to me, told me I was filthy, I thanked him.  Then he escorted me to some center where I showered, got a change of clothing; actually,a uniform, with boots and more protective gear, came back out, and went back to work.


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Written by jaylar

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