Out of Destruction – 2

The Most I’ll Say

I had a childhood that which was not totally bad, but not joyful.   I grew up as everyone else, went to school as everyone else.

My parents and I did not get along.  Each year it was worse.   And that is why I took the first opportunity to get out of that house.

I married.

I can say I loved him, maybe I did, maybe I saw him as a rescue ship, whatever it was, I married him, and we moved away.

I never saw my parents again.  They didn’t want to see me.

Even when the marriage became that bad, when I became a victim of abuse, they didn’t want to see me.

I put up with that husband of mine, and thought about escape and/or murder.

One day I just ran away.  I had no where to go.  I had no plan no money, nothing.

I ran away as those who would be in that disaster tried to run.

Some didn’t make it.

I did.

I did because of that disaster.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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