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Otauataua Stonefields

Near this area is where the legendary Maori Kupe landed. Kupe could have been one of the first Maori pioneers that came to New Zealand from the South Pacific Islands. Well, it could have been Toi Whatonga?

Some people believe that the Maoris came from the Society Pacific Islands or close to Rarotonga. Their language is close to the Maori language.

However, some have trace evidence of earlier migrations of Maori before Kupe. An estimate of 1100 or 1200.

There is a Maori village close to this place and at the moment it is under threat of New Zealand Housing Schemes, a sad loss to Fletcher building which has ear marked the land for Housing. 

A huge protest but unfortunately little known about. They want to build on a Urupa a Maori cemetery which is sacred to the Maori.

It was confiscated by the Europeans on arrival in New Zealand and now today money comes first. If the housing goes on, which it is now legally said to begin, it means the death of the Maori village because they won’t be able to pay the rates to live there. 

Anyway, I need to know more about the history of this place but I love the Maori village as it is, and I love this area just as is. It belongs to the Maori, and even as a European NZ, I think it should remain as it is.

Greed and money talks unfortunately I hope the Maori protest works. 


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Written by Pamela Moresby

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  1. Cool photo, Pamela. I also hope the Maori get to keep their land.

    A little over 40 years ago I had a chance to visit London. It just so happened that, at the same time I was there, some Maori dancers were in London to perform. They did a small show for the people at Trafalgar Square and I happened to be walking through there at the time. Afterwards I had a chance to chat with a couple of them. They were very nice.

    • Thanks Gary. The Maoris are very caring as a people, but they all come from separate tribes within NZ.
      Unfortunately many land in jail, I suppose their crimes are more obvious than the white collar worker who appears really nice on the surface but manipulates the accounts to steal from others.
      No theft is right, but I think Maoris don’t really get a fair go.
      My Dad was a bank inspector after working as manager and caught quite a few crooked white collar workers. It wasn’t a very nice job but someone has to do it.

  2. A very enchanting area. I feel for the Maori people who just like the First Nations here in Canada do not deserve to be displaced and have their land stolen and turned over for profit or exploitation. Is there an online protest form that people can sign? I wonder. If you know let me know. I will gladly put my name on it.

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