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On New Zealand Roads

I am driving along the road enjoying the countryside along with my husband, when all of a sudden I see in the rear view mirror a car that is 2 inches away from my bumper…. Then another car turns up and another..

It doesn’t matter how fast I go there is always someone on the rear bumper and they never let up. If I stop they go straight into the back of the car, because we are both going too fast…

What is it that for 5 minutes patience that everyone could get where they are going easily and without being stressed, because they wanted to be from A to B yesterday?

In my opinion, people should not only be fined for speed but for tail gaiting.

Do you know that the faster you go that rate of impact with you and another object makes a bigger mess? Ever think about the ambulance drivers and the police and those who have to see such an awful spectacle afterwards, and if the passengers were wearing seatbelts, it may have saved their life.?

I don’t want to post the awful nightmares that reckless driving creates, because everyone thinks that it will never happen to them. It is never their fault but the other driver…Sometimes innocent people on the road following all the rules die because of some stupid person who chooses to drink take drugs and drive. Or else drive while they are tired or in a road rage..

Some accidents are totally preventable…If only..

Remember this, we are on the road to get from one place to another. Why not just enjoy the ride? If work sacks you for not being able to get from A to B in a traffic jam in just 5 minutes, what is worse, losing your job or losing your life?

One wrong turn on this road through the backstreets of Raglan and you can roll down the bank, total the car and be fortunate if you manage to live . I was fortunate to be a passenger this time round. The bank here is a sheer drop 300 feet down or even more.

We are only human beings mere mortals and are frail until we die. Cars are great transport to get to A to B. Take care on the roads, whether you walk or drive. 

The above is Te Mata Peak, a must see if you go to Havelock North in Hawkes Bay but take a look at the sheer drop here

Enjoy driving but take care…


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Written by Pamela Moresby

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  1. Wonderful pictures of the landscape … as I see you also drive on your left … we have very high penalties if you do not hold a safety distance … it depends on speed … faster when driving bigger the safety distance


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