No Headaches

(Photos courtesy of Abraham-Hicks….)

I understand all too well paying the price for feeling good. If you must quit your job to feel good, then do it. If you need to leave that relationship to feel good, then do it.

That is the price that we pay to be in vibrational alignment with who we really are.

Everything else, and everyone else must fall to the way side. If we need to get rid of one toxic, “friend”, then we must also rid ourselves of everyone else connected to them.

The energy inside of us must shift first, before we can see that change in the physical realm. However, once that shift in energy has happened, everything else just falls into place. Haven’t you noticed those odd, “coincidences”?

Caring about feeling good. Is caring about yourself. Being happy is caring about yourself. No one else can care for you in the way that you can.

You must acknowledge the feelings that come up when they do. Some people get headaches when they hold two conflicting thoughts simultaneously.

I never get headaches.


What do you think?

Written by Maria Ayala

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