No E-Card

Years ago, Andy’s mother, Violet, who lives in another country, realised it was his birthday and sent him an e-card.

Andy, not known for his verbosity, nevertheless wrote

“Every year when I see that email card it reminds me of what little effort is needed now to make people believe you care. Think about it.

1. How much time was spent looking for one?

2. How much time was spent editing it?

3. How much time was spent wondering if it would get there in time?

4. How much did it cost someone to send it?

It take less than 2 minutes to do, unlike going thru two sometimes three stores, up and down different card isle to find just the right card to express your true feeling about the person you are sending it too. But, when it’s just a card to say “Hey give me credit, at least I remembered” or “I could really careless but hey I got 2 minutes to kill” I guess an email card will do. So to that I say, thanks you for the card.”

After Violet read Andy’s email she made no further attempt at contact.   His next birthday came and went without note. Violet did not write or call.

The next year, no card, no email, no phone call.

One wonders if Andy feels a sense of ‘victory’.


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Written by jaylar

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