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Of news, Fake News and the evening news…

I started my professional career as a school teacher. One of the things that I used to do with my class was to take the news of the day before and weave it into the lesson we were learning that day. In part to keep things interesting. In part of expanding the impact of what I was teaching now, by relating not to things that had happened, but things that were happening right now.

It was that process that got me started watching the nightly news. I had been exposed to the news many years before when I would spend the summers with my grandparents. They invited the news into their dinner every night. Uncle Walter, he was called, Walter Cronkite was welcome at dinner in my grandparent’s house.

I became a fan of the news during the Apollo 13 crisis. Rushing home after school as the astronauts tried to find a new way home. It was a terse, and tense time in our country. Walter Cronkite was on each night, reassuring us, guiding us. I stopped when I entered college, watching the news. I started again when I had my first classroom.

When I left education, I left the evening news behind. Well, I left the evening news behind for many years. I traveled for work, often overseas for years and got hooked on Sky News. Moving to Maryland, I started watching the evening news again. In part because of every day, where I was, was in the news. But also in part, because I am wondering what is going on beyond my particular geography.

Lately, I have stopped watching most of the news. In part because it is awful. The anger, and hatred that spews from the television makes me sad. I do watch the news, read the news online and work towards validated sources but I find myself sad. I do like the ABC nightly news last feature that they have, ending the news with a positive news segment each night.

There is a lot of good news in the world. There is a lot of good things that happen. There are a lot of bad things that happen as well. Creating a balance between the bad and the good is the goal. The reality is we have more presented bad news than the presented good news. There is still good news out there.

I would like to find a news show, or a news site that tries hard to get more good news out. As in, for every bad critical story, they share a good story. Getting to more positive news more often is my goal.

Let’s find the good things around us rather than the bad!


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  1. Walter Cronkite once did a piece at the end of his broadcast about why the news is mostly bad news. He said that what is newsworthy is exceptional and unusual and that if bad events were predominate and normal then we would have reports on the few good news stories. That would be when we were really in trouble.

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