New Age Ideas Embedded in Churches

Tuesday, 7.28.20

People manipulate church ideas with new age ideas to make it religious, Christian, or Progressive Christianity. Religions are being tainted with New Age methods to change its original ways into New Age version, thereby preparing people for the New World Order agenda. All these celebrities, Elites, and Illuminati are into the New Age, which is why you see it being promoted in many movies, TV shows, music videos, and mainstream media to embed it into society as the new normal and the way of life. Many people accept it because they don’t know any better, thinking it is cool, safe, and fun.

  1. The Law of Attraction—this is weird because I never really understood it. I remember watching videos about it in early 2000.
  2. Oneness—everything in universe is connection and you live in present moment. Oneness unity leads to spiritual eutopia and harmony. I remember my Osho Zen book has Oneness, and the artwork on each card does look like surreal New Age ideas.
  3. Religious pluralism—all religious lead to God, which is true only for the three main religions—Christianity, Islam, and Judaism because all three worship God but in a different cultural way.
  4. Universalism—all are saved regardless of what their beliefs are.
  5. Mysticism–hidden occult methods, which has to do with supernatural ideas.


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