Forty years ago Sara, his first wife, left Norman.

During the intervening years  she had excelled in her profession,  married again, had a child,  had a life.

There had been a light email correspondence between Sara and Norman during the past five years.  It was by that base of communication she learned she was required  to  return to that city.

Norman said he would take care of all transport and housing issues for the few days she would be in the city.

Sara knew the danger she was going to step into.   She considered her knowledge of Norman a kind of armour.

She knew Norman was going to attempt to re-establish  his ‘power’.

If she did not allow him to provoke her, she would be able to complete her business and return unscathed.

The question she needed answered was, ‘Had Norman Changed?’

She had known him when they were twenty two.   She had not seen him for nearly forty years.

They weren’t kids.

He had lost everyone in his life. Was he still the same obnoxious abuser today he was when she left him?

What do you think?

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