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Negative People – Why Not Be Happy For Others?

I will say I am always happy for other people when they are elated about a recent accomplishment, it makes me happy too.

But with some people they are jealous and have to always find something negative to say to try and bring down the persons joy. If I am jealous that someone got something I wanted I will say, “so jealous!” but still congratulate them on that accomplishment, I would never say anything bad or oppose their selection.

Never happy for anyone.

I once watched this young girl get all worked up, mad and ranting, because her landlord bought his 18 year old daughter a car for Christmas. I said nothing and just listened. Over the years I seen how jealous and evil this woman turned out to be, she even plotted and had her husband killed, can’t prove it but its true. Later she got her own daughter killed in her drug activity.

Ask And he will give.

My household has been hit by sickness and all the cars broken down, It would not be to bad if I lived in the city but I don`t, I live in the country that is miles and miles from help, grocery stores and the like. I had to ask for help and I am not used to asking people to help me. There were a few days I was down and getting depressed about my situation but I prayed and I HAD to let my faith take over these problems. In no time flat I got a message from a friend about a car, I made the first appointment to see this car and when I drove it I bought it, it was more than I had expected to receive for such a small price. In my moment of happiness I announced the retirement of the 15 year old P.T. Cruiser with 319,000 miles and posted a photo of the new car a 2011 Kia. Most everyone was happy that I got a car and I could get Tony to all his doctor appointments that are 40 miles away, all except one. I had one person say the actual word “Hate”  I hate those cars. No I did not dare let this one little word steal my joy.

When people get Gods favor its because they ask for it and work toward it.

This week my sister got a little work to do, she has been unable to work for two and a half years due to illness, she was so happy that her body held up to the work, she sent me a message ” Are you proud of me? I am trying to do more for myself.” I replied ” Yes I am proud if you!!!!!!” I have told her over and over that she has to try to do for herself more and not wait on others to do for her. I have also influenced her to watch preaching on T.V. because she does not feel like going to church or maybe its because she does not own the dresses/ dressy clothes to attend, whatever the reason she will watch Joel Osteen on Sundays mornings, he is an uplifting preacher that tells us about how much God loves us and wants us to to happy. I see the change is her.

During this Spring season why not try to smile more, give more whether its just time to sit and visit with old people, you don`t have to have a reason, just show up with a smile.

Speak uplifting words toward people. Tell them how wonderful it is they got that Car they needed so desperately or how wonderful it is that they did get to work a couple days. Tell old people you want to be just like them when you grow old. Teach a little kid to color or paint, to express themselves. I swear you`ll feel better yourself being happy for other people.

By Andria Perry

Photo By Andria Perry


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Written by Andria Perry

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