My Babe Magnet is Working Perfectly!

Hey, guys, I may have found the perfect babe magnet.

See the clown nose I’m wearing in this picture? I got it from a Wahlgreen’s by donating $1 to help fight childhood poverty.

And, I gotta,tell you, this little thing might just be the best $1 I’ve ever spent, when it comes to meeting women.

Just put the clown nose on and wear it with pride. It’s magic my friends – magic.

You just might find yourself being approached by beautiful women of all sorts and in all age ranges.

And, if it works for this crazy homeless dude, then just imagine how effective it will be for someone of a better station in life.

Red Nose Day is this May 23rd here in the US. Stop by Wahlgreens’s and get one for yourself and one or two for friends and loved ones who need to be noticed, too.

Best dollar I ever spent.


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Written by DonaldPennington

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