MOUNTAINS OF GARBAGE AT in Vasai-Virar in Mumbai

Water was also flooded on Wednesday in several areas of Vasai, Surender Negar, Palghar: It is believed that due to lack of cleanliness in the Vasai-Virar Municipal area, the problems of water logging are still intensified after the rain has stopped. This is a new problem in the form of dirt. Vasai-Virar city is surrounded by dirty and wastes around municipal area. NMC’s cleaning workers are not reaching the societies, so the daily waste garbage is being thrown at nearby places and roads. The bad odor is getting out of place due to rubbish in place.

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In the Vasai taluka of about 3 million people, due to rains in the last 3 days due to lack of customer in the shop, the business has stalled, while the four feet of water in the shops filled the whole area, the whole thing was quadrupled. The traders are being told about the loss of crores rupees. Due to torrential rains there is heavy waterlogging in the district. The filthy water bodies of the streams were filled in the premises and entered the tanks made below, so the people are not getting the water clean.

On Wednesday morning, three to four feet of water was filled with roads in Vasai taluka.Due to this, the transport service and rickshaw service of ST, NMC was closed. People reached the station on foot in the water till the waist. In the afternoon, some rickshaw service started in Vasai, Virar and Nalasopara, but the rickshaw drivers were charging three times the fare by taking advantage of the compulsion.

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In many areas of taluka, there is an hour power of 36 hours. People’s troubles have increased due to lack of electricity. People’s mobiles were also closed, so they could not tell their position. The power department official said that there should be no accident due to flooding, so power supply was kept closed.

There is no shortage of humour: Among these challenges, due to the rains, news of accidents happened in many places in the district, there are many instances of humanity.On Tuesday, the commendable work of the Palghar police was found in the midst of heavy water logging. The police provided tea, biscuits, snacks and food to the hungry and hungry passengers and coordinated with the administration and arranged a bus for them to take home safely. In another incident, a 6-month-old girl was ill, who lived in Vasai’s Sunshine area. Jha reported to the girl about sickness on Twitter, after which Manikpur Police Inspector Damodar Bandekar sent a policeman to Jha’s house and admitted the girl to Aastha Hospital, located near Salam Pass.

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3 deaths in accidents: During the rain there are many accidents in different police stations in the district. Three people were killed in these accidents, while three people were badly injured. A cow came suddenly on top of the Charti Bridge at Mumbai-Ahmedabad Highway in the Casa Police Station area on Tuesday late evening. At the same time, the driver of a speeding car coming from Mumbai to Gujarat lost balance in saving the cow and broke the car divider and went down the bridge. From this, Rohit Dube, Om Prakash Dubey, died on the spot, while Sunil Pandey, Dayashankar Seth and Sandeep Upadhyay got badly injured. Police said that due to the strong wind and rain the driver did not show the front cow.
Death due to death in the umbrella: “Chivoti of Lokav Police Station area, Shivraj Arvind Desai (24) resident of Chinchoti, Lokhande Pada, came out of the house by throwing garbage at 3 o’clock in the afternoon on Tuesday, during this time, Desai’s umbrella passed the electric wire Touched, which caused Desai’s death.

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Written by Anjan Kumar Samal

National Secretary-THE LAST HOPE(REGD.)

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