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Robin Biznis 3 August 2019.Belgrade, Serbia

There are days when you are in the mood to write and post photos on this site.This is especially pronounced when the site pays you your earnings for the previous one or more months.In my case this is every two months.And then I am full of enthusiasm.I continue to work on this site.But after two days I see the following: Swan Oasis2 days agoQuiz questions from different fields of knowledge.2 days agoWhat warms your home in the winter?a day agoand I am aware that today is Saturday and that my articles will not be published before Monday, I lose my motivation for further work.I don’t want to talk about the amount of money I get because it’s the least motivation.Our people would say “a blind hen finds a poppy seed”I do not expect members to understand me every day and on the weekends.I guess they deserved it.I did not.What happens next?Only heaven knows.source cover: Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay


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  1. I am just a month here and when verified users get their posts published the moment they are written and mine don’t specially when week end arrives I get the same feeling as you do (lol)

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