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Generation Y believes in the fact that money can buy happiness. Yet our daily papers have the news of agony and pain these moneyed people go through. Despite all the money they have they feel empty and lonely. Their life seems meaningless and directionless. They often surround themselves with opportunist friends and people who make them feel happy yet at the end of the day they feel empty.

Actually our lives revolve around witnessing rich people being admired and respected so we crave for that respect and admiration. We yearn for the importance that money brings. In search of the bubble happiness many important things in life. The coming moment becomes ‘by gone’ and we never had time to cherish it. We realize the importance of things once the sand slips out of our hands and we stand empty handed. Money can never buy you a love it may buy you a lover. It can never buy friendship though you may get several fair weather friends.

So friends enjoy each moment of life and feel lucky to have more. These small moments are priceless. Enjoy and value relations, friendship, love only then would you actually feel richer. The real joy can never be bought by money. Our true wealth is our parents, our teachers and our friends who love us and accept us the way we are. So dear friends enjoy and value the priceless moments of life to the fullest and you are the wealthiest one.

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