What can money buy?

I just finished entitled “The Girl from Nowhere” and almost every episodes provided me with interesting knowledge on different topics.

One episode of which is about a social climber student who pretends that he is rich in order for his friends to accept him.

What can money buy?

Does it buy everything you ever wanted and needed?

People nowadays are blinded by the thought that money is literally everything and once you have a ton of it, all your problems will be solved.

Well does it?


Money may buy you all the material thing in this world but it cannot buy contentment.

It cannot buy time.

It cannot buy friends who truly care for you.

It cannot buy moments.

It cannot buy peace of mind.

It may buy you something that makes you happy for some reasons, but does it make you contented?

Think twice and be wise.

Stay safe!


What do you think?


Written by Vanessa

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