Mental Health

It was interesting to read that the National Health Service or NHS in the U.K. states that up to half of adults suffer from some kind of mental illness at some point in their lives. Oh, sure we all at times have said that perhaps we aren’t playing with a full deck or perhaps stated that we are still crazy after all these years. However, it is something to think about. Perhaps some of the strange or odd things that we do or have done really come from some kind of mental stress.

A survey that was done in Britain by this health service suggested that around 25 percent of all adults have at some point been diagnosed with a mental health problem and around 18 percent might have suffered a mental health problem but never bothered to go and get diagnosed. So that makes me think – What exactly do we consider normal to be? I have always thought that some of the things that make me unique are the things that help me with my imagination and my inspiration so that I can write and create poetry. Therefore it is my opinion that we must accept each other as we are and not criticize because we just don’t know if we are or are not suffering from some kind of mental health issue.

I believe that if we are more tolerant toward each other and lend a helping hand when needed the world would be a much better place especially for those who really do have mental health issues. After all, how do we know that we have all of our marbles? Then considering that there are people who know they have mental health problems how much better it would be for them in this world if other people were kind toward them and reached out a friendly and helping hand instead of isolating them and looking at them strangely just because they are different.

From my point of view that is an interesting rock but don’t ask me why I took a photo of it. 


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