Meet My Bat

I carry this bat, just about everywhere I go. just not for the reasons most people think.

Yes, it would make for good protection but I don’t really need weapons, in most cases.

I carry this bat so that, when I get sad or depressed, I can stop by one of the lakes here and bat rocks into the water, as opposed to returning to my old, former, drug habit, for comfort.

It’s a return to simple childhood pleasures and a simple way to restore my joy and stay away from the drugs which I used to destroy myself, slowly.

Now, if someone happens to think I look like I might just be too much trouble to be worth trying to mess with (they’re right) that’s fine by me, too.


What do you think?


Written by DonaldPennington

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  1. What a novel and wonderful use of a bat! And I hope it also keeps the bad guys away! I hope to get to the rest of your posts later. I’m under pressure to get my blogs into compliance with the GDPR law by tomorrow, and don’t even have much time to sleep. The fine for non-compliance is more money than I’ll see in a lifetime.

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