Meditation and the Chakras

Meditation can open your chakras. If you are not ready for this and other spiritual experiences, I suggest you don’t try meditation. Meditation is not a form of relaxation. It is a spiritual practice, as is yoga. I have done both, and they both resulted in intense spiritual experiences.

When your chakras open, you can experience shadow material associated with that chakra. For instance, if your third chakra is opening, you may experience things that are related to personal will. If it is your sixth chakra, the experiences have to do with intuition.

Once these experiences start to happen, it is hard to get them to stop. It is out of your hands. The best you can do is to stop your meditation or yoga practice and hope the experiences tone down a bit. So if you aren’t spiritually ready, you may want to rethink meditation.

The order of the chakras is as follows:

Root chakra: survival

Sacral chakra: sexual energy

Solar Plexus chakra: willpower

Heart chakra: balance of upper and lower chakras

Throat chakra: expression

Third Eye chakra: intuition

Crown chakra: enlightenment


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Written by riverwild

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