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Manifestation over Rebellion (Part 53): Work well!

People will only remember you for what you do.  You have to make the extra effort to work well so that your status and your reputation grows throughout the world.  For example, on this website, Virily has a ranking page.  Those who do the most work on this website are rewarded.  Here are four different tips on how to increase work productivity.

1. Stop gazing at your work.  In boxing, an immature boxer will do something known as posing in front of the opposition.  An immature boxer will look to pose after hitting the opponent with a few punches to look at the work that is being done.  That quick gaze to look at the damage done by a couple of punches is totally reckless because that pose leaves the boxer totally defenseless at that moment.  Then, the boxer is getting clocked with punches.  A good boxer continues to work until the opponent is defeated.  Do not allow for momentary lapses to derail your progress.

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2. Know who really supports you.  Only keep people around you that support you.  There is no need to stay around someone who chooses to constantly disrespect you.  Do not waste your time in the presence of morons.  If you want to be extraordinary, then do not be around ordinary, mediocre people.

3. Realize that some people will hate you.  Do not waste your time persuading others to like you because you are not able to change how a person thinks about you.  Keep doing what you do and choose not to appease others.  The person that you give an inch to will eventually be the one that stabs you in the back.

4. Choose to live.  Life is meant to be lived.  As long as you are living, realize that you have the opportunity to work.  Do not quit.


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